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Soil Products

From stunning flowering plants to luscious vegetables, all plant life thrives in well cultivated conditioner-enriched soil. Bio-Organics' soils are natural, high performance and ready-made garden compost. Bio-Organics' soils maximise drainage in clay soils and have excellent moisture retention in sandy soils.

Benefits of Bio-Organics’ Soil Conditioners:

  • Reduces watering time;
  • Lessens root disease potential;
  • Allows excess water to drain;
  • Increases water penetration;
  • Enhances fertiliser and pesticide delivery;
  • Increases uniformity and quality of plants and turf;
  • Ensures thorough wetting of the soil, eliminating dry spots.

Universal Soil

Universal Soil

An economic blend of compost fines, peat and soil makes this medium ready to plant straight into!

Garden with Premier Landscape Builder

Landscape Builder

A ready-made soil mix specially blended with a quality base of materials consisting of soils, organics and composts. It is a product designed for building garden beds.

Vegie Mix

Vegie Mix

Ideal for ensuring the health and vibrancy of your vegetable garden. This new product will condition your ordinary soil and gradually provide the nutrients it requires.