Company Profile & Focus on Technology | Benefits of Compost

Bio-Organics is a premium producer of organic garden products and soil blends. Our vision is to continue to produce the best products of their kind. Bio-Organics holds an absolute no compromise company policy for quality and performance. This means even though our production process may take longer and cost more then our competitors, we donít deviate from our quality methodology.

The result is a naturally manufactured, organic product which becomes a more cost effective commercial alternative to the more expensive, and often inferior performing, substitutes currently available in the market.

Mulch PilesBio-Organics is focused on production technology to manufacture high grade compost, principally for the landscaping industries. We use quality-controlled raw materials for composting, including carefully monitored municipal greenwaste and food industry waste.

Bio-Organics principally employs open windrow, aerobic composting technology. Bio-Organics undertakes routine analysis of compost products and engages in a wide range of field performance effectiveness trials. Both in our own experimental fields and with our substantial client base of industry leaders.